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Mature Pen Pals
My name is Alan, and I'm 33 years old. I don't know how old I am mentally, though with twins in their terrible twos, I'd say it's probably close to 90. I'm a Lutheran pastor by trade, though I'm between congregations right now. Don't worry, though: I won't overwhelm you with religion unless you ask. Right now I'm running a community center in rural southeastern Louisiana.

I read voraciously, mostly fantasy (sword and magic stuff) though I'll read anything you put in front of me. Think Roger Zelazny, Anne McCaffrey, Joel Rosenberg, Katherine Kurtz. I also listen to most kinds of music, though I prefer classical, classic rock and 80s new wave. (I have over a thousand CDs, and they cover the whole spectrum.) My favorite movie is "When Harry Met Sally", but I'm also a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Monty Python, and any number of others. Lately I've been watching the CBS crime shows (except for CSI Miami), but I love The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother also.

I'm usually a reliable pen pal, but I can be slow when life gets in the way. As I said, I have twins, so life can get in the way pretty easily these days. I don't usually swap things, though I've been known to send a mix CD out from time to time. I'll write to pretty much anyone from anywhere (including international people), but I'm a political and religious conservative, so I don't want to offend anyone who thinks I'll be "intolerant". I prefer to write to women, as they tend to be more reliable correspondents, but I'm happily married, so I'm not looking for anything beyond friendship and correspondence. I've been known to write long letters, but I feed off what you give me, so the more you write, the more I'll write.

I'm just looking for human interaction in the form of letters. I try not to be demanding.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.
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Name: Cheri

Age: 38

Mental Age: 25-50 (depends on the day)

Books: Yes, yes to books! I read a lot of non-fiction (currently reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth) and lately I've been hooked on Anne McCaffrey (fantasy). I also write novels. I've written 3 thrillers, 1 literary fic & I'm currently writing another lit-fic with some fantasy elements. (I think this is why I've lately been hooked on fantasy.) None are published yet, but one of my paranormal thrillers has picked up some agent interest, so I'm keeping my fingers and toesies crossed.

Movies: I love indie and artsy films, but also enjoy watching action/adventure/thrillers with my husband. All-time favorites are The Doors, The Crow, Across the Universe, Iron-Jawed Angels, Being John Malkovich, What the Bleep Do We Know?

TV: No time for TV-really, I'm completely out of touch with the current shows.

Music: Yes, yes to music too! =) My favorite genres are trip-hop, psychedelic, alternative rock, grunge rock from the 90s and techno, but I love pretty much everything. My favorite bands are The Doors, U2, Chris Cornell-Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden & Audioslave in addition to his solo efforts, Pearl Jam, Puddle of Mudd, Feist, Flunk, The Orb, The Chemical Brothers, Tube-Tech, etc...etc... Instead of watching TV, I usually have music playing. I also like to play piano and I'm learning how to play the djembe.

What type of pen pal are you: Long letter. I'm busy a lot though, so if I can't write a long letter, I feel guilty and try to send a goodie with a shorter one. I also tend to type letters when I'm busier, but I write them by hand when time isn't an issue.

Do you swap things? and if so what?: Not really--maybe mixed CDs or art journals though.

What type of pen pal are you looking for?: You. =)

Where do you most want pen pals from?: Anywhere.

Any additional info?: I can write in English or Spanish. Married with a teenage daughter. The rest I'll save for an intro letter. =)

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 Name: Barbara

Birthday: 3/26/73

Interests: fairies, writing, blogging, butterflies, manga, anime, pen pals, joss whedon, vampires,reading

Shows: Xena, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Passions, Hollyoaks, Grey's Anatomy, Moonlight, Ghost Whisperer, all the CSI's

I'm looking to hear from other girls who share some of the same interests and a Passions fan would be a bonus since I'm stuck reading the summaries which just sucks. If anyone out there would like to extend a helping hand to a fellow fan I'd really appreciate it. I type my letters since I've gotten used to doing that but I have to warn you that they are long which could be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are. So if you're someone that likes writing letters just send me a message here. If you want more info about me just check out my profile.


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I just updated my journal with an update to my pen pals.

Go here to read it.

I also wanted to say thank you to the 16 (YAY 16) members of this community for being here. And please keep talking, keep writing. I know this is a rough time of year to do much in the means of sitting down and actually spending time on one thing. So please be patient with your pen pals.

Also, pimp the community if you love me!

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Name: Danielle

Age: 21

Mental Age: 30's

Books: I read everything and anything. Some of my favorite books are: The Time Travelers Wife, The Giants House, The Da Vinci Code, The Regulators, White Oleander, How to Kill a Rockstar, & The Dresden Files....to name a few. :) I'm also a magazine junkie.

Movies: I watch A LOT of movies. My husband & friends are all movie junkies. I am a major multi-tasker though, so I'm always doing at least one other thing while watching a movie. I can't just sit still and watch a movie, unless I'm at the theater. But just like books, I like going into the different worlds of movies.

TV: I used to never watch TV, but this season I've got some regulars I'm watching. House M.D., CSI, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, & Desperate Housewives. While my husband was in Iraq he bought me box sets of a ton of TV shows, because they were way cheap! I started watching them and now I love them, so I'm watching them weekly.

Music: I listen to everything and anything! I love going to live shows. I love finding new music. Mix tapes & cd's are love! There is very little music I don't love. I even like polka. But I don't like yodeling! ;)

What type of pen pal are you: Well, I always write back. I won't ever stop writing. So if you don't hear from me in a while, send me a note or something. If I am going to stop writing you (which I've never had happen) I will tell you. I usually write back fast, but as I'm sure you all know, sometimes life gets in the way. But usually I write back within a day or two of receiving a letter. I handwrite my letters 99& of the time. I only type if my wrists are bothering me. I am a great listener, I'm very accepting of others. I write long letters.

Do you swap things? and if so what?: Sure. I swap FB's, slams, deco's, anything else like that. Stationary. Recepies. I've done a lot of swaps, but they were on communities. I'd really be willing to swap anything we could decide on!

What type of pen pal are you looking for?: Just someone fun to write with. Someone who writes medium to long letters. It's really hard to reply to super short letters. I want to get to know my penpal, what they're like, if they're from a different country, what it's like. You can tell me about your problems, about your job, kids, ect. Anything. I'm looking for a friend. :)

Where do you most want pen pals from?: Anywhere really. I like learning about different places, so penpals out of the U.S. are awesome for that. But honestly, it does not really matter to me.

Any additional info?: Well, I say that mentally I'm in my 30's. I got married and had a child when I was 18, which was 3 years ago. I've always been very mature for my age, and after getting married and having a child I was even more mature. My husband is a Marine and he recently came home from Iraq. He was gone for a year. So I basically did the single mom thing for a year, while working full time. When my husband got home we started working on the process of buying a home, and accomplished that in July, and moved into our new home in August. And in another aspect, if I get a chance to be immature, and act silly and stupid with my friends, I take that chance. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I seize it. Being 21 with so many responsibilities, and not getting to live 18-21 as freely as most takes it's tolls on me.

So that's a little about me. Write me? :)
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Hi I'm Barbara and I'm a huge Passions fan but unfortunately I'm stuck with reading about it because I don't have stupid DTV and can't pay twenty bucks a month for this soap no matter how much I love it. I would love to get other Passions fans for pen pals but what would be a bonus would be if I could find someone to tape it for me. Now that isn't a requirement to contact me but it would be nice to be able to see what's going on in Harmony instead of reading about it becuase I feel like I'm missing so much and of course I need to yell at the screen when Gwen comes on because I just can't stand her.

Only looking to hear from girls in the US.

I wish there was a form that I could just create so I could just add it instead of having to wrack my brain to add stuff but here goes nothing. Oh I'm also looking to exchange links on my blog at blogger so contact me if you'd like to do that since I can't be the only one with a blog there and here there's a limit to the number of links so I couldn't add a link here but I would be happen to exchange links with someone that wants me to add their LJ to my blog at http://musingsmelancholy.blogspot.com. Did that make sense? I just had lunch so I can't be not making sense due to hunger.

Interests: anime, manga, reading, writing, fairies, butterflies, hello kitty, sanrio, pen pals, blogging...

Authors: Piers Anthony, Rachel Caine, JR Ward, Stephen King, Kim Harrison, Tanya Huff...

Shows: Passions, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Xena, Bones, CSI...

I tend to write long letters so I would like those who write long letters. If you want to find out about more of my interests just go to my Profile here. Yes I'm certifiable since I ended up with four here and if you want to visit I have a LJ where I write about the new vampire show Moonlight http://bitemuch.livejournal.com and I have a LJ where I talk about what I'm reading http://bookslutty.livejournal.com and there's Hello Kitty's Diary http://kittyiac.livejournal.com. Ok I'm done now and I look forward to hearing from you.


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Hey all. I just wanted to thank all the members of this community for joining. Slowly we're picking up a lot of members. If you've joined, don't be shy, go ahead and post your info. There are a quite a few great people here.

Oh, and if you love me...you'll pimp the community ::smiles::

Keep writing!!

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Name: Liana


Mental Age:
exactly 27 :)

umberto eco, paulo coelho, john irving, ... a lot of peotry, novels, .... as long as it makes sense and written in a nice style

hm... pi, lost in translation, ghost in the shell, monday, tideland, amelie, ... tons other movies, i like indie-movies, french movies, old movies

gilmore girls, simpsons, documentations

mostly ambient, but i like female vocalists, songwriters, rock, ....

What type of pen pal are you:
i write normally long letters and answer fast too, but also, as life can be, it might take longer than 2 weeks to respond

Do you swap things? and if so what?:
hm... if then handcrafted things because i love handmade stuff. sometimes i swap cd's and stationery

What type of pen pal are you looking for?:
def. somebody who writes long letters and can talk about everything, even negatiove stuff. i can chat about everything

Where do you most want pen pals from?:
planet earth :)

Any additional info?:
not really, my handwriting is sometimes hard to read :p
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Name: Rebecca

Age: 26 (Well, give it a week and I will be!)

Mental Age: 72. What can I say? I love Miss Manners and the smell of fresh paper, for cris'sakes.

Books: Historical fiction, Virginia Woolf, Henry James, Jane Austen, Philippa Gregory, Sylvia Plath, Patricia Cornwell and Harry Potter.

Movies: Historical fiction, costume dramas and black comedies. My favorite movies are Elizabeth, Gone With the Wind, Harry Potter, Marie Antoinette, Moulin Rouge, Portrait of a Lady, Sleeping Beauty, Solaris and Velvet Goldmine.

TV: Historical fiction (sensing a pattern here), costume dramas and black comedies. Oh, and I have a soft spot for the Discovery Channel, Adult Swim and my local news station. My favorite shows are Late Night with Conan o' Brien, Dancing With the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Law & Order trilogy, Mythbusters, The Office (US), Good Eats and The Tudors.

Music: Mainly pop/rock and classical. My favorite artists are Matchbox Twenty, Madonna, U2, Imogen Heap and Fleetwood Mac.

What type of pen pal are you: During the work week I'm busy and by the time I come home I just want to veg for the two hours I have until bedtime. I mostly write letters on the weekends unless I'm off work or I have something I really want to say. I easily get annoyed if I don't hear from someone for more than two weeks. I'd prefer they just write something like "it's been a busy week and I'll write more next week" instead of just silence. If it's been a bad/busy week for me, I'd have the courtesy to do the same.

Do you swap things? and if so what?: I adore sending greeting cards and post cards from wherever I go on vacation. If I ever read an article in the local paper that might be of interest, I'd probably send that along, too. If I like and know the person well enough, I even spring for something for their birthday. The most I've ever done was FedEx-ed a batch of homemade cookies to someone, send someone a pair of earrings and send someone some flowers as a housewarming gift.

What type of pen pal are you looking for?: I like to send letters on a weekly basis, so someone who can commit to at least once a week. Sex doesn't matter, but I'm just looking for friends.

Where do you most want pen pals from?: Anywhere! I've got a roll of stamps and I'm waiting to use them!

Any additional info?: I like to learn about local cultures, even if the person is only from a couple miles away. Be prepared for random questions about where you live, what your family is like, what you were like as a kid, etc. Starting out, my letters are usually only a half-sheet, as I'm not sure what to say or ask yet. I'm more of the "ask a question and then answer the other person's question" type. When I'm not feeling well I also tend to type out letters instead of hand-writing them, so please don't be annoyed by that. I'd rather make the effort to respond in any way I can than write that "it's been a busy week and I'll write more next week" note. Oh, and my spelling is atrocious when I write quickly, so when there's no spell-check, there's lots of scribbles. Be prepared for that, too.

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 Name: Barbara Desmond

Email: thebardgirl@yahoo.com

Age: 34 (So that means I really need to start lying about my age and go with 29 instead.)

Mental Age: 12 ok maybe 15

Book: I just finished reading The Hunt by Allison Brennan and will be starting Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

TV: Xena, anything done by Joss Whedon, Passions, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, Heroes...

Music: Linkin Park, Green Day, Evanescence (I always wonder if I'm spelling it right so I don't always put this band down though I really like them.), Disturbed, Nirvana

What type of pen pal am I? Consistent so I'm not one of those people that leaves a person hanging for months and even years. I'm in that sitch right now where I hadn't heard from the person in two years and now another year has nearly passed and I've only gotten a few emails with promises that she'll write me. Sure I realize things happen but that is just ridiculous especially when I made a point to be at places where she was online like Myspace.

Swap?: I do swap FBs but I don't want to drown in them and I don't really have enough people to send them to although I would make one and send them on for now I don't want any sent to me.

What I'm Looking For In A Pen Pal: I would like consistency and also let me know if you have to stop writing because you don't feel like we're clicking of that things are going on in your life that prevent you from writing. It is so annoying when a person just stops writing altogether. I personally would rather someone telling me to piss off or whatever instead of the silent treatment.

I would like to hear from other girls that are around my age and please no prisoners. I also tend to babble so I would prefer to hear from those who write long letters so if you write short letters please don't even bother because personally I think that's a waste of a stamp.

Current Location: Hellsville AKA Denver, CO
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